The danger of television

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, almost everyone has a television in their home. About 60 years ago the television was a rare item, and not everyone could afford a television. Therefore only the rich people were able to buy a television. Back then, the television didn’t have a cable, but an antenna. In those days many believers saw this antenna as devil’s ears. They didn’t consider the television as a positive addition to their lives. But they saw the danger of television. Therefore the majority of believers didn’t want this devilish evil thing in their homes. But slowly, throughout the years, they went overboard, and also bought a television and put it in their homes. But let’s have a look at the television and let’s find out if the former believers were right about it, and if the television is indeed an evil thing.

Television is a séance of devils

I’ve once heard someone say: “The television is a séance of devils”. I thought it was a bit ought, and over exaggerated, and didn’t understand exactly ,what this person meant. Yes, I was a believer; a born again Christian, but I watched television, just like everyone else did. I enjoyed watching movies, series, programs etc., and therefore I spend at least 2 to 3 hours a day in front of the television. I thought it was some kind of relaxation to watch television, to put your mind of things. And that’s just what I wanted: to relax, and what would be a better place than sitting in front of the television?

Sometimes a thought entered my mind, telling me, that I had to stop watching television. But I just couldn’t give up the television. A life without television wasn’t an option for me. Sometimes I wanted to, although, I thought I wanted to, but I just couldn’t. But what seems impossible is possible with God!

The spiritual world revealed behind the television

At a certain point the spiritual world, behind the television, began to reveal and manifest itself. I didn’t ask for it, it just happened. At night my spirit was being ‘attacked’ by certain spirits (powers). I send them away in the Name of Jesus, and they obeyed and went away. But I asked myself, how this (these) spirit(s) entered?.

I knew what kind of spirit(s) it was, because when I saw this spirit, the name of this spirit came into my mind. Therefore I checked, what I had done that day, and it didn’t take long before I discovered that it was from watching a program on television.

I asked the Holy Spirit to open my eyes for this spiritual world. He had already done that, but I wanted to gain more knowledge, so that I could make a right decision, in what to watch and what not to watch. The Holy Spirit taught me, that the only way I could develop a right discernment of spirits, and to open my eyes for the spiritual world, was through the Word of God. Only the Word shows and reveals the Truth, and the will of God (which is also the will of Jesus). By spending time in the Word, you’ll get to know Him; the Truth, and His Kingdom. The Word will uncover the spiritual world and its truths.

So I did. And what the Holy Spirit told me, happened. My eyes were opened for the spiritual reality.


Cold case’, ‘Law and order’, ‘Special victim unit etc were one of the first series, that revealed its true colours. First of all, the Lord showed me that I was a hypocrite. Because I prayed for peace and I prayed against violence, while I was watching these crime series and looked at these criminals, murderers, and their horrible deeds. Secondly the Lord showed me, that by watching these series, and movies, these evil spirits of fear, murder, crime, death, addiction, drugs, sex etc. would enter via the television. When He showed me these things, I stopped watching these series, and movies immediately.

Movie based on a true story

One evening I watched a movie, based on a true story. It was a very impressive movie. But while I was watching this ‘innocent’ movie, a spirit of fear entered. I experienced this terrible fear, and I didn’t know where it came from. I commanded it to leave in the Name of Jesus, and it left. After this experience, I decided to become even more careful about what kind of movies I would watch.

‘Innocent’ series, programs and comedies

‘Innocent’ programs, series, comedies, and ‘feel good’ movies became suddenly not that innocent anymore. The main character often had an unmarried sexual relationship, and often cheated. The main characters lied, committed adultery, divorced, made (sexual) jokes, or ‘funny’ remarks to each other, which showed absolutely no respect for the other person. They gossiped, deceived, murdered, cursed, were selfishness etc. All these things took place in these ‘innocent’ programs, series, and movies.

More and more programs were being removed out of my life. I only had 1 or two programs left to watch. But when in one of my favourite ‘innocent’ programs, a person came out of the closet,  I had to make another (difficult) choice, because I really loved that program. I made the decision, and gave up the program. Since that moment, I haven’t watched that program anymore.

Because how could I watch a program that was against the word of God? How could I watch all these series; these programs, that says that these ‘unclean’ things are ‘good’, while the Word of God says something else. Almost all these series, movies, programs , I watched were against the Word of God, and were a channel for devils to enter my life and put strongholds in my mind.


What do you think about horrors? Evil spirits of fear, and death enter the lives of many persons. While they are watching these evil movies and programs, many people still wonder where all these phobias, fears, anxiety, panic attacks, hyperventilation, and other mental disorders come from?

Television addiction

The television is addictive, and therefore we can conclude, that we are dealing with ‘invisible’ evil powers. In this case when we are dealing with addiction, we are dealing with a spirit of witchcraft.

Renew your mind with the Word of God

The more time you spend with Jesus; the Word, the more the spiritual world, including the darkness, will reveal itself to you. The Word will open your eyes, for things that you always considered normal, but aren’t normal according to Jesus. This is not surprising, because before you became born again, you walked in darkness; your spirit was death. Your carnal nature was evil, and you walked in the lusts and desires of your flesh.

Renewing your mindYou obeyed the lusts and desires of your evil carnal nature and of your thoughts, and was a child of wrath. You belonged to the devil; to the world. The devil was your father, and you fed yourself with the things of this world, including the television.

But when you became born again, you were transferred to another Kingdom. That means, that you should seek the things of this Kingdom, and walk according to this Kingdom. You shouldn’t live the same life as the world. Because you lived the same life before you became a new creation.

But now, that you’ve become a new creation, you should separate yourself from the world and its works. You should renew your mind with the Word of God. Because only when you renew your mind with the Word, you shall be able to walk as a new creation; a son of God.

Every time, that you discover a new truth in the Word of God, and are confronted with something in your life which is not ‘good’, you will have a choice: do you say farewell and remove it out of your life? Or do you hold on to it and reject the Word; the Truth and the correction of the Word?

The works of the devil accepted

The devil knows, that by using repetition and by showing you something over and over again, eventually you will accept it and consider it as normal. Therefore the devil uses the television, that will repeatedly show you something that is evil and goes against the Word of God. Eventually what will happen is, that you consider the abominations of the Lord God, not as abominations anymore, but consider them as normal; as something that belongs to this age. That is his tactic, and I must say that until now, he has been successful at it.

Let me entertain youWhen you watch television programs, movies that contains sexual relationships, living together unmarried, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, transgender, abortion, euthanasia, drugs etc, then at a given moment you will consider all of these things as normal, and you will accept them.

The devil manipulates people, by using the television. He wants to ensure that people will think like him, so that they become like him. By considering the abominations of God as good, you will give power to the devil.

Look at abortion, divorce, cheating and adultery, these things used to be out of the question and it was considered a disgrace in the old days. But in these days people, even most believers, consider these things as normal. How did it happen? Through the television. The world decided that these things are normal, and by using the television they have broadcasted their message, and by watching, people adapted their opinion and approved this behaviour.

Look at homosexuality. Buy watching programs like ‘modern family’, ‘Gotham’, ‘Betrayal’, ‘The Carrie Diaries’, ‘Hart of Dixie’, ‘Revenge’, ‘Pretty little liars’, ‘Glee’, ‘Grey’s anatomy’ etc. you will consider homosexuality as normal, and you will accept it. And let’s not forget, that you open the door for the spirit of lust and perversion to enter.

Television deforms your mind

All of the input you get, by watching television deforms your thinking; you deform your thinking with the television and the world and act upon it. Instead of transforming and renewing your mind with the Word of God, and act upon and walk according to the Word.

It is not only about losing precious time behind the television. But it’s also about what you let into your mind, and into your life and what you will sow.

Guard your mindWhen you love watching hospital series, then it is unlikely, that you will lay hands on the sick, and that they will recover. Because your mind is being fed with doctrines of devils; medical science, which tells you that if you are sick, the only hope is the doctor, the hospital.

If you keep watching these programs, all the sicknesses you see will settle into your mind. You will see the sickness and what kind of treatment they will get from the doctors.

All this information will settle in your mind and will become strongholds.

Now how can you rely on Jesus; the Healer, if your mind is being fed with worldly doctrines and solutions? And let’s not forget all of these evil spirits of infirmity, and sickness that will enter via the television into your life.

The average person spends 2,5 month a year behind the television

The average person worldwide spends approximately 5 hours a day behind the television (info: Time). That’s about 35 hours or 1 day and 4 hours a week. In a year, that will be 1820 hours or 2,5 months.

When you watch television, you will sow in your flesh. That means that you will also reap the fruit of the flesh, which is: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revelling, and such like (Gal 5:19-21)

Compromise with the world

When you cannot let go of the things of the world, but keep feeding yourself with the things of the world you shall eventually compromise the gospel with the world. You will accept the ‘things’, that go against the Word of God, and shall consider them as normal.

weary the LordBut the Word cannot go together with the world, and the world cannot go together with the Word.

You will consider things like witchcraft, divorce, abortion, lying, envy, lust, adultery, sexual relationships, homosexuality, transgender etc. as normal and the medium that is responsible for that is the television.

The television has made sure that you slowly compromised with the world, and belong to the world.

The powers of this world are settled in your mind, your life, and in your house, and they will cause agitation, discord, marital problems, divorce, anger, malice, fear, violence, sexual uncleanness, adultery, lying, sleeplessness, melancholy, depression etc.

The television, responsible for change in society

We can say, that television, besides other (social) media sources, is responsible for the change in today’s society. By using the channel of television, the spirits of this world have connected themselves to the people.

By watching television, people have invited these evil spirits into their lives, and live under the yoke of these powers. They are controlled by these spirits, and the worst thing is that they, including most believers, don’t even know it.

What is unclean for God, is declared clean by the television. With that said, the world has declared all uncleanness; the abominations of God, as clean. The world considers evil as good, and good as evil.

Through the television, the world is being prepared in their minds for the anti-christ.

So, is the television a séance for devils? I can now wholeheartedly say: “YES!

‘Be the salt of the earth’

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