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  • Danger of massage

    The danger of massage

    The spa and wellness industry is booming. Massage has become very popular and has become part of many people’s lives, including Christians. They spend hundreds of dollars on massage therapy for…

  • Danger of martial arts

    The danger of martial arts

    Many people, including ‘Christians’ practice martial arts. Everyone has its own reason to practice martial arts, like health, physical exercise, spiritual development, behaviour, self-discipline, self-defence, military purposes etc., But where does…

  • danger of Halloween

    The danger of Halloween

    Halloween is an annual feast, that is celebrated on October 31. Many people; young and old, non-believers and believers, participate in Halloween activities and decorate their homes with Halloween decorations. Because…

  • The danger of children's books

    The danger of children’s books

    Have you ever wondered, if children’s books have indeed such a positive influence on the development and life of a child, as claimed? Many people consider children’s books as ‘innocent’ and educational,…

  • danger of acupuncture

    The danger of acupuncture

    Millions of people visit an acupuncturist and get involved with acupuncture. According to the western world acupuncture is a way of alternative medical treatment. It happens regularly that physicians, physical therapists,…

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