The occult church

In the previous blogpost, you read about the new age spirit, who reigns in today’s world, and has affected and defiled many churches. But how has this happened? How could the church, that is seated in Jesus Christ and is appointed to represent the Kingdom of God on this earth, have allowed this new age spirit into the church? What has caused the church to become an occult church and who are responsible for allowing this to happen? How did the holy church of Jesus Christ become an occult church of the devil, and walk after his will?

The cause of the occult church

The main reason, why the church has become an occult church is through a lack of knowledge of God’s Word and rebellion against God’s Word. Because of these things, many believers have gone their own way and have made concessions with the world and pagan religions and philosophies. The church has made concessions with the world, and throughout the ages have adopted pagan rituals and belief systems and applied them into the church, so that, according to the church, they could win the gentiles for Jesus Christ. But this is a lie of the devil that the church has believed in and still believe in. Because in today’s world many churches are still making concessions with the world and adopt and apply worldly methods, principles and strategies and apply them in the church, to attract and win unbelievers, especially young people, for Jesus Christ.

If you are unspiritual, you will believe this lie and will consider it a good method. But a born again believer, who walks after the Spirit, knows that this is carnal method is nonsense. Because, how can you win people for the Kingdom of God with the methods and strategies of the devil? You can’t! A person cannot be won for the Kingdom of God, by applying methods and strategies of man, but only through Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit is the only One, who will convict a person of sin and by a conviction of sin, a person is able to repent. Because how else can a person repent, if the person doesn’t see his/her sinful state and his/her sins? That’s why it’s necessary that believers become born again, die to the flesh and start living after the Spirit. Because we cannot live without the Holy Spirit.

Lack of knowledge

One of the causes, why a church has become influenced and affected by the new age spirit and has become an occult church, is through a lack of knowledge of God’s Word and rebellion against His Word. God says in His Word, that His people are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Because they have rejected God’s will and His Word, and therefore His people will be destroyed.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. (Hos 4:6)

This is exactly what has happened in the church. People have rejected the Word of God and have entered self-chosen paths. The people think, they know it all better than God and have created their own faith and belief system in the church and have made their own rules. They are carnal and walk after the flesh in darkness and are spiritually asleep. Because of the fact, that they are asleep they have not guarded the spiritual gates of the church and allowed the spirit of this world, including the new age spirit, to enter.

If they had stood in My counselMany believers know the Bible by heart, but that doesn’t prove anything. There are many believers, who go to church and know the whole Bible by heart and can quote every scripture of the Bible, without coming to the experiential knowledge of the Truth.

They know the Bible by the top of their head, but they actually don’t believe in the Bible, and therefore they don’t obey and apply the words of the Bible into their lives.

Although they know the Bible of the letter, they don’t know the living Word.

That’s because, they are still carnal, unspiritual and walk after the flesh in the visible realm. They are led by what their senses perceive and walk after the wisdom and knowledge of the world.

Although they visit a church and maybe even have a task in the church, they are not born again in the spirit and still have an unrepented heart. Their spirit is death and their flesh reigns as king in their lives. There is no total surrender and devotion to Jesus Christ in every area of their lives, and they live like the world.

Due to fact, that they are unspiritual and live like the world, they are also being controlled by the spirit of this world, including the new age spirit. They look and search for alternative medicine, have a huge interest in nutrition and supplements, just like the world. They go along with the trends of this world and look for pleasures, enjoyments and relaxation in fellowshipping, social activities, entertainment, wellness centres, yoga, martial arts, and other eastern sports, that derive from eastern religions and philosophies. They lead the same life as those, who live without God and therefore there is hardly any difference anymore between believers and unbelievers. Due to the fact, that many believers have become involved with the (occult) world and the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of darkness has entered the church.

Former occultists, who are converted to Christianity

Another reason, why the church has become occult and walk in the ways of the occult, is by former occultists (former witches, satanists, magicians, sorcerers, brahmans, medicine men etc.), who are converted to Christianity, but have brought their knowledge and wisdom of the (occult) spiritual world into the church. Believers have allowed this, because many believers have a huge interest in the stories and experiences of former occultists, who have moved in the occult supernatural realm. Instead that born again believers are taught and led by the Word and the Holy Spirit, they ask these former occultists for council and advise about the spiritual realm and get all excited to hear about it.

Because of the fact, that many believers are unspiritual and spiritually blind, they get their insights in the spiritual realm, by what these former occultists have to say and they are being led by their words and experiences.

Fighting against an invisible enemyThey go to seminars and conferences and are being fed with all this information, that derives from the kingdom of darkness.

Instead of the Word, these former occultist will inform the believers about the things of the spiritual realm and build their wisdom, knowledge, theories, methods and strategies upon them.

But these former workers of darkness were sons of the devil and have walked in the darkness in the lies of the devil. They applied knowledge, wisdom, methods and strategies, that derived from evil spirits and therefore they were inspired by the kingdom of darkness.

Due to the fact, that they were not born again in Christ and their spirit was death, they entered the spiritual realm in their flesh (soul power) and used all kinds of external methods, technics and natural resources.

Due to the fact, that the carnal church is unspiritual and has no insight in the spiritual realm and doesn’t discern the spirits, she has listened to — and has been led by former occultists and their knowledge and experiences. These former occultists have made the invisible realm visible to the church. Because of this, the church has opened the spiritual gates of the church for occult information, that derives from the flesh and the kingdom of darkness.

The church has listened to this occult information and moves on the basis of this knowledge in the spiritual realm. The church doesn’t see it herself, but has developed and build her faith on the basis of the information, insights and experiences of former occultists. Because of the fact that the church has listened to this occult information and on the basis of this information and knowledge adopted and applied the wisdom, methods and strategies from the occult into the church, many churches have become affected and defiled by the occult.

The result of an occult church

The result is that the believers of an occult church stay carnal and keep living after the flesh, they are indifference towards sin, accept and tolerate sin and keep walking in sin, they have no relationship with Jesus or they are lukewarm in their relationship with Jesus, they have no time to study the Bible, and don’t pray, they don’t speak in tongues, they exalt and worship (famous)leaders, and build their faith upon feelings, words, experiences and the faith of others, they have a huge interest for books about demonic powers, the kingdom of darkness, methods, techniques and strategies for (demonic) deliverance, healing, prophesy etc..

In other words, they have a huge interest in the things of the supernatural realm and supernatural manifestations instead of an interest in the Word of God, walking after God’s will, sanctification and developing a Godly character.

Because the latter one, is not interesting enough for the old carnal man. The old carnal man wants to hear fascinating new things all the time, and gain new head knowledge, enter new levels, hear and learn new methods, techniques and strategies and especially experience supernatural manifestations. But again, this is not something new, because when Jesus walked upon this earth. The people of God, who were still the old carnal man and still unspiritual, asked Jesus all the time, for signs and wonders. While the signs, miracles and wonders followed Jesus all the time.

The fruit in the lives of believers,
who enter the spiritual realm out of the flesh

Due to the fact, that most believers are not born again or keep living after the flesh, but want to see, enter and experience the spiritual realm, many believers have opened themselves for occult and evil spirits to enter their lives. They don’t experience the fruit of the spirit, they don’t experience joy, peace and life, but they are worried, dejected, unhappy, unsatisfied, overstrained, depressed, and experience insomnia, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, stress etc.. That’s because they entered the spiritual realm out of their flesh on the basis of occult information and by applying occult carnal methods and strategies

Following Jesus will cost you everythingIn Acts 19:19, we read about those, who practiced magical arts, and repented. Their actions followed their repentance, because they immediately destroyed all their valuable books with occult wisdom, knowledge, methods and strategies. By their act, they said farewell to their former life, including all of their knowledge, wisdom, methods and strategies and wholeheartedly repented and gave their lives to Jesus Christ and followed Him.

When you repent of your sin and your sinful nature, it means that you have chosen to follow Jesus, and to not walk according to your former life anymore.

You have given up everything for Jesus. Your former life is over and has no value, because your flesh (old life) has been crucified with Jesus Christ and buried through the water baptism. Your spirit, who was death, has become alive.

In the spirit you are seated in Jesus Christ in the Heavenly Places and that’s why you should not apply carnal methods and strategies anymore. Now, that you have a new position in Jesus Christ, you ought to walk in this new dominion. What the difference is between entering the spiritual realm as an unbeliever (new ager, occultist etc.) and as a believer, will be discussed in the next blogpost.

‘Be the salt of the earth’

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