New age in the church?

Today’s world is full of new age. It’s all about love, peace, harmony, freedom, respect, tolerance and there is an enormous curiosity and interest in the supernatural realm. Horoscopes, astrology, divination, tarot cards, using mirrors to look into the spiritual realm, consulting spirits, witchcraft, wicca, sorcery, yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, Reiki, Qigong, martial arts, playing games and watching horrors and programs, series and movies that are full of sex, violence and occultism is all part of today’s world. Because of the fact, that many believers live like the world, the church has allowed the world to enter and because of that, the church is defiled by this new age spirit. Many churches have become new age churches, where everything is allowed and everyone has developed his/her own faith and own belief system and where the faith and methods of eastern religions and philosophies and spirituality have been adapted and applied. In stead that the church of Jesus Christ guarded the spiritual gates of the church and prevented these evil spirits, forces, powers and rulers of darkness to enter, the church has opened her doors for the kingdom of darkness. The result is that the church has become an occult church and is being controlled by a new age spirit, who derives from the kingdom of darkness. The church is carnal and is being led by her senses, feelings, emotions, findings and supernatural experiences and moves in the spiritual occult realm out of the flesh. What God has forbidden in His Word is being approved. And what God has commanded to do is being rejected or is used for self-exaltation.

The history of the new age movement

The new age movement is a vague and complex movement and doesn’t have a clear structure. That’s mainly because the new age movement has many guru’s and groups, that have their own belief system. In new age it’s all about feelings, emotions and about supernatural manifestations that become visible in the natural realm. The history is vague, but one thing is for sure and that’s that this worldly philosophy has its roots in the occult and goes all the way back to Babylon. In the Bible we can already read about the occult and that the Jews moved in the occult. That’s because they had allowed pagan cultures and got involved with them and adopted their customs and rituals. We can read all about it in the Old Testament, like for example in Isaiah 47 and 2 Kings 2:21.

The new age movement refers to the Aquarius age, which is an age of enlightenment, peace, prosperity, humanism, love, satisfaction and change. New age is the most used name to indicate the increasing mixture of eastern and occult mystic in the western world.

In the 60’s, the new age movement became more visible in the western world. Today we see that the western society, including many churches and congregations are full of new age.

The new age movement has its roots in occultism and originally derives from eastern religions, philosophies and spirituality. Occultism means hidden or secret and refers to the knowledge of the paranormal and supernatural realm. The term is also being used for occult practices, like astrology, alchemy, Kabbala, Neoplatonism, gnosticism, hermeticism, numerology, witchcraft, crystal gazing, necromancy (communicating and consulting death, spirits and demons for help or protection), magic, divination (with or without tarot cards), palm reading, astral projection (when the soul (astral body) leaves the body and travels in earthly and astral dimensions), psychometric, channeling shamanism, meditation, yoga, martial arts, nature worship, rhythmic breathing, (tantric) visualising etc. which are all cursed by God.

Due to the fact, that these are all works of the carnal old man, who is unspiritual and possesses the sinful nature, we can find God’s opinion about these pagan practices in the Old Testament. Through the law God revealed His will. God wanted to protect His people and prevent them for being influenced by the customs, practices and rituals of the pagans, who used satanic powers.

Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God (Lev 19:31)

And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people. (Lev 20:6)

When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee (Deu 18:9-12)

And he (Manasse) made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards: he wrought much wickedness in the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to anger(2 Ki 21:6, 2 Ch 33:6)

The occult uses satanic power, which works and manifests in the flesh; senses, mind, feelings, emotions, body etc. and have nothing to do with the Kingdom of God, the power of God and the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of the new age movement

The new age movement wants to control the whole world; politically, economically, and spiritually. Therefore new agers infiltrate in all these areas, so that they will influence the people and eventually take over the world and become one new world order, with one world culture. In politics by the new world order with one ruler (antichrist), who has a clear purpose and agenda. Economically by one world bank with one currency. Spiritually, by one faith and one world church. Their main focus point is to strive for unity and one world culture.

New age theology

New age has a holistic form of godliness, that is immersed in the whole universe, including people. There is a strong focus point on the godliness and spiritual authority of the ‘self’ of people (the ego) and the power that people possess. That’s why they consider themselves as god and the center of all things. They don’t consider god as a person, but as a universal energy or power, that is everywhere and present in all things. He is considered a spiritual pyramid, which you also see in the pyramid constructions in Egypt, Mexico, Lima, Cambodia etc. The cultures of these countries moved in the occult, and still move in the occult. The pyramid is still used as an occult symbol on banknotes, by companies, the music and entertainment industry, social media etc..

The new age movement considers the devil not as a spiritual being, but as a negative force. This negative force also fills the universe and is one with the universe. That’s why they consider evil powers as a part of god, because god is the energy of the universe.

will of God vs will of the devilThe new age movement believes in spiritual (ungodly) enlightened creatures, like angels, sages, spirits, who communicate with people by channeling, and provide them information, wisdom and knowledge about life, people, the past etc. In order to open themselves for the paranormal realm and become in a state of enlightenment, new agers make use of practices and methods like meditation, yoga, sounds, music, dance, and objects like candles, tarot cards, crystals, crystal bowl, gems, mirrors, flags etc.

The new age movement is being led by guru’s and different groups, that have many followers.

New agers believe among others in evolution theory, reincarnation, sexual freedom and acceptance of all kinds of sexual orientations, and freedom; lawlessness.

The new age movement doesn’t have an unambiguously structure, but maintains all kinds of structures. There is not one way, but there are many ways, that lead to salvation and enlightenment. There is not one way, one religion, one philosophy, and one truth. That’s why it’s important to respect, tolerate and accept each others decisions, religions and philosophies and let everyone lead their own life and have their own believe system. Because only by doing that, you can strive for unity and walk in love. The new age movement believes that everyone needs spirituality instead of religion.

New agers believe and wait for avatars; godly creatures, who are reincarnated in humans and are revealers of the truth. Like for example Buddha, Confucius, Krishna etc. The final avatar, who shall come is Lord Maitreya; the cosmic Christ and world teacher, who is a reincarnation of buddha (the enlightened one) and will be the saviour of mankind.

The new age movement doesn’t believe in sin, judgment and hell. Due to the fact, that new agers don’t believe in sin, they don’t believe that they can be separated from god (the universal energy). They believe that mankind can only become separated from god (the universal energy) in their own mind.

A new age Jesus

The new age Jesus is considered a messenger of god (the universal energy or power) and not the Son of God. The new agers have created their own image of Jesus Christ from scriptures of the Bible and scripts from Hinduism. Jesus is seen as an embodiment aspect of god, namely the love aspect. The love is king and accepts and tolerates everything and everyone.

counterfeit Jesus produces counterfeit ChristiansJesus is considered an extremely good person, a prophet, sage and guru, who continued teaching the doctrines of Buddha and Hinduism and in whom the christ or cosmic consciousness dwelled.

Because of the fact, that Jesus had overcome evil in his previous lives, he was able to resist evil. He was an avatar, a saviour of the world. He was anointed with superior wisdom and was conscious of the fact that he could lead others to the higher levels (ways) of a supernatural spiritual life.

Jesus was the temple in whom the christ was able to manifest himself to the people.

New agers believe that the christ power can be formed and live in every human being. Everyone is able to do, what Jesus has done, because all humans, including Jesus, are equal. Therefore you don’t have to fear him. Because fear and having an awe of someone stands for inequality.

He doesn’t want you to pray to him, but that you pray to god (universal power or energy), who lives inside of you and in him. New agers use the Scripture from the Bible that the Kingdom of God is within you (Lu 17:21)

Love, respect and tolerance

New age is considered the perfect religion and philosophy of this world. That’s because in the new age movement everyone is being embraced and accepted. God; the universal energy is love. He approves everything and therefore he tolerates and accepts everyone and everything. The new age is focused upon peace and harmonising the world. Because everything evolves around love.

False loveThat’s why new agers are very sensitive about sincere love and compassion for their well being.

There is no good or evil; everything is lawful. If it’s for your own benefit, then it doesn’t matter if you violate the law.

There is no sin, and therefore the new age movement approves all kinds of behaviour.

We also see this in the hippie movement, that was developed in the 60’s. The hippies pleated for love, harmony, compassion, peace, fellowship and (sexual) ‘freedom’ while they used drugs, rebelled against the laws and violated the laws of the country.

Respect is also a much used term in the new age movement. You have to respect everyone, including their origin, culture, religion, philosophy, habits, sexual preferences etc.

New age en healing

Within the new age movement there is a strong emphasis on healing. The new age movement promotes the use of natural food, herbal remedies, supplements and make use of alternative medicine, that derive from eastern religions and philosophies. Like for example:

Reiki, Qigong, acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, aromatic therapy, aura soma, astral travel, Ayurveda, Bowen therapy, craniosacral therapy, cupping, magnet therapy, polarisation therapy, crystal therapy, gemstone therapy, holistic therapy, iridoscopy, rolfing therapy, kinesiology, sound therapy, phytotherapy, color therapy, compassionate touch, allo therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, osteopathy, regression therapy, reflexology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, transpersonal counseling, quantum touch, reconnective healing, tachyon therapy, shamanism (including using prayer flags, dreamcatchers etc.), feng shui, shiatsu, malva therapy, mesology. therapy, orthomolecular medicine, spiritism, wicca etc.

The new age movement strives to harmonise and unite spirituality with science.

New age at schools

But let’s not forget the influence of new age at schools. Because new age has also affected the Christian schools and their belief system, values and morals. Many Christian schools have slowly changed their belief system and values, that are based upon the Word of God and have adjusted them to the world. They teach that there is not one truth, but that everyone has its own truth and you should respect everyone’s truth. Everything is allowed. Children learn, that if something works or feels good, that they should do it, despite the fact wether it’s wrong or right and if it is allowed or not.

There used to be a difference between public schools and Christian schools, but there is hardly any difference anymore.

Allow the children to come to Me do not forbid themMany christian schools have opened their doors for other religions and philosophies and have adjusted their values and rules, so that they will not become a stone of stumbling for them.

In stead that those, who chose to go to a Christian school, respect and obey the rules of the school, they rebel and cause the school to adjust their rules to them. By doing that, they deny Jesus Christ; the Word. They use the word love, to justify their actions. But what happened to their love for God and His Word?

God has never commanded His children to get involved with other religions or philosophies, nor accept them. But He has commanded His children to stay away and to not get involved.

Unfortunately, His children don’t know His Word anymore, but they have created their own imaginary God and made their own set of rules based upon their feelings, emotions and findings. In these false doctrines of love, respect and tolerance, we see the influence of the new age philosophy, that has infiltrated the schools.

This is not surprising, because many Christian school teachers practice yoga, alternative healing, and are involved in the occult. There are Christians schools that even teach children and teenagers, yoga, meditation methods, mantra’s and massage techniques, so that they learn to relax and destress from the pressure of performance or problems at home. But the only thing that a child needs is the Word, and a stable Christian home.

New age in the media en entertainment industry

The media and entertainment industry knows how important the mind of people is, and how much influence they have on the mind of people. And they are right, because most people are bound by media and entertainment and cannot live without it. The world makes use of these resources to infiltrate and possess the minds of people, so that they will be bound to the spirit of this world, including the new age spirit, and become like the world.

We see a lot of occult television programs, that contain witchcraft (with or without tarot cards, crystal glazing, gemstones etc.), consulting spirits, and astrology. There are many programs, series and movies on television that contain (extreme) violence, crime, sickness, disease, death, fornication, adultery, sexual uncleanness, witchcraft, magic, sorcery, mythic gods and goddesses, aliens, zombies and soaked with the occult.

There is hardly anything on television, that doesn’t contain any of these elements. The world wants you to allow sin and to make you believe that sin is ok and consider it normal.

The television embraces the works of the devil and promote the occult and the supernatural (paranormal) world. The television represents the world and has indeed become a medium.

danger television for childrenHow many hours a day does a child or teenager spend in front of the television? The media industry also knows that, and that’s why many children’s programs and cartoons are full of witchcraft, magic, sorcery, divination, supernatural powers and other occult elements.

Many children consider the occult as a reality and normal. Isn’t it surprising, that there are so many psychic children, who are gifted? And that the darkness has possessed so many children? But because many parents are carnal and unspiritual and walk after the flesh in darkness, and are too busy with themselves, they don’t see that their children are being captivated by the devil and are ruled by the evil powers of darkness. Many parents think it’s special when their children are psychic and have special gifts. They say that their children are too young to understand the Bible, but they allow their children to become involved and move in the occult spiritual realm.

Even in (comic) books we see the agenda of the new age movement. Things like supernatural powers, reincarnation, sorcery, magic, witchcraft, channeling, crystal glazing, gemstones, crystals and other occult elements are being considered normal.

And let’s not forget the world of gaming. Because there is hardly any game, that doesn’t contain (extreme) violence, slaughter, crime, murder, death, reincarnation, supernatural powers, witchcraft, magic, divination, sorcery etc. Dungeons of dragons teaches new age and neo heathen values. In Pokemon you notice Hindu and Buddhistic concepts of evolution and reincarnation. Unfortunately many people, who are carnal, don’t realise, that when someone plays a game, which is full of occult elements, the gamer binds him or herself with demons and channelizes and communicate with evil spirits (read also: the danger of gaming). When they get a ‘revelation’ they think it derives from the Holy Spirit and that they are led by the Holy Spirit, but in reality they are being led by evil spirits.

New age in the church

The new age spirit has also affected many churches. There are many signs, that show that a church is defiled by new age. A few of these signs are:

  • The faith and doctrines are based upon spiritual revelations, visions, feelings, emotions, and (supernatural) experiences and philosophies of man, instead of the Word of God.
  • No fear and respect for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But being lukewarm for Jesus; the Word and the things of the Kingdom of God.
  • A huge interest for doctrines, methods and (prayer)strategies, that are focused upon the enrichment of man, the supernatural realm, new levels of supernatural authority, walking in supernatural powers and perform signs and wonders and information about demons.
  • Focus upon the spiritual gifts instead of focus upon the Giver
  • More faith in methods, techniques and strategies then in Jesus Christ
  • More focus on powers, signs and wonders, than on the Word of God, sanctification and developing a godly character.
  • Preaching new age ‘feel good’ sermons, that are focused upon the feelings, emotions, prosperity and succes of people.
  • A gospel that is focused upon man, and the materialistic prosperity and provisions for man, instead of a focus upon Jesus Christ; the Word and His Kingdom
  • Fasting for revelations, prosperity, wealth and material breakthrough
  • Learn to empty yourself during prayer and make use of prayer and visualisation methods in the mind to manipulate certain things, situations, circumstances, people etc
  • Little or no faith in the Bible. That’s why the Bible is not being taken literally and people don’t apply the words of God into their lives, because according to many the Bible doesn’t fit in their lives and in this present age
  • Believers don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus and the Father, but have developed their faith upon experiences and stories of others.
  • Serving an imaginary God and an imaginary Jesus, who is created in the mind after the image of man. An imaginary God and Jesus, who approves everything and who accepts and tolerates everyone and everything, including sins and other religions and philosophies, that deny Jesus Christ the Son of God.
  • Harmonise the Kingdom of God with worldly science and eastern religions and philosophies. For example, by believing that doctors and psychologists are appointed and blessed by God. A huge interest and believe in holistic healing and nutrition etc. Instead of believing and holding on to the truth, that by the stripes of Jesus Christ you were healed (1 Pet 2:24)
  • Live and act, by using the methods and strategies of the world and out of feelings and emotions, instead of Jesus Christ; the Word.
  • Focus on unity and striving for peace and harmony between churches and congregations, and to achieve that, making concessions and approve the works of darkness, sin and all things, that deviate from the Word and the will of God.
  • The church wants to be noticed, heard and accepted by the world.
  • The church has become like the world and therefore the world feels at home in the church
  • Religious tolerance and acceptance of moral diversity and sexuality. You don’t have to change, you may be the way you are, and do whatever feels good. Because God is love and He has made people just the way they are and you have to accept that.
  • Indifference towards sin and tolerate of sin (all those things that go against the will of God), in order to keep walking in the (false) love of the world. Believe and confess that there is no more sin, because Jesus has taken the sins away.
  • Believe and confess that there is no sin,
  • Believe and confess that there will be no judgment and there is no hell
  • Believe in evolution theory or mixing the evolution theory with creationism
  • Creating an own believe system. Because the truth is in the mind of people and that’s why people create their own reality. Because of that, people adjust the words of God, so that it fits the way people think, their life and the time we live in.
  • Man; the creation is being placed above the Creator
  • People exalt themselves and consider themselves as god and adjust His words to their carnal lusts and desires. Instead that people renew their mind with the Word of God and adjust their lives to the Word
  • No change in the lives of believers, but they stay carnal and keep living after their flesh, making their own rules.
  • Believing in yin yang principle. There is no good or evil; every good contains evil, and every evil contains good. Therefore every person contains good and evil and will always be a sinner.
  • Believing in karma and positive mindset. Because from a positive mindset and by speaking positive words you can achieve everything you want. But if karma is a reality, then why was Jesus crucified?
  • Huge focus on music, sing and dance. This has even become a ministry and is used as a resource to awaken pleasant feelings and emotions. By using loud music and singing repetitive parts of a song or the name of Jesus believers will enter a state of spiritual extase. While some dance, with or without flags, that derive from pagan cultures.
  • Using ‘holy’ natural objects and resources in the church, for healing, praise and worship etc. to evoke supernatural powers and supernatural manifestation. For example the cross, tunnel of fire, smoke machines and special colour lights to create atmosphere, receiving more power or faith by laying on of hands etc.
  • Supernatural manifestations in the body, that seems godly, but are in reality evil occult powers manifesting in the flesh. Like divination (false prophesy), uncontrollable laughter, shacking, movements, imitate animal(sounds) etc..
  • Applying color symbolic, that derives from Hinduism and eastern philosophies
  • Numerology and look behind every word in the Bible for hidden secrets and base new doctrines and methods on these revelations.
  • Involved in yoga, meditation, martial arts, massage therapy etc.
  • Worshipping and exalting spiritual leaders and place them above Jesus Christ. Because of the fact, that many leaders allow this, they are tempted by pride and fall into sin.
  • In the church there is sexual uncleanness, fornication, adultery, (sexual) abuse, divorcements etc.
  • Confess that there is not one way, but that there are many ways, that lead to salvation and God, and therefore accept other religions and philosophies.
  • The church has become a humanistic social institution, that is focused on social activities, fellowshipping and having a good time.
  • Pastoral care uses worldly methods and strategies from science and eastern religions and philosophies. For example, by applying psychological methods and strategies and eastern methods like building bridges from Reiki. Whereby a person builds a bridge in his mind to the past and goes back to the moment of the trauma or negative experience. The person now makes another decision in his mind, whereby the negative experience or trauma takes another turn and is being dissolved. In the church they apply this method and involve Jesus in it. The person goes back in his mind to the past, to the moment of the trauma and negative experience and hand it over to Jesus, and then the problem is solved. But by using this occult methods the person is becoming involved in the occult.

How to prevent the influence of new age in the church?

The Word says, that there is only one way, and that way is Jesus Christ; the Son of the living God. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of fallen man and only through Him, man will be saved and reconciled to God.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me (Jn 14:6-7)

Jesus said, that He didn’t come to bring peace on earth, but rather division:

Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law (Luc 12:51-53)

You can only obtain unity by becoming born again, living after the Spirit and by staying loyal and obedient to Jesus Christ; the Word.

To keep the unity in the church doesn’t mean to accept everyone and accept all kinds of behaviours, including sins. No! The church should guard their gates and prevent false carnal doctrines and philosophies, which are inspired by revelations, visions, knowledge and wisdom of the world and derive from the flesh, but deviate from the Word, to enter. The church should reject these carnal doctrines immediately. Jesus and the apostles already warned the church for false prophets, preachers and doctrines of devils. Therefore this is not something new.

When you have faith in the Word of God and become born again, and walk after the Spirit in obedience to the Word, you will be able to prevent this new age spirit to enter the church. As long as you stay in Jesus Christ; the Word, you will be able to discern good from evil.


Now that you have read this article, can you still say that the church is the body of Christ? Or do you have to admit, that the church is no longer the body of Christ, but has become the body of man and the world and has become a new age church, which contains many occult elements? How the church has become involved in the occult, will be discussed in the next blogpost.

The most important thing is, that the church repents from her carnal occult works, and lay down her flesh and turns back to Jesus; the Word, and build the church by the Word and the Holy Spirit.

‘Be the salt of the earth’ 

Source: KJV, Kingdom of the cults by W.Martin, Wikipedia

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