The mischief people bring upon themselves

Through the accomplished work of Jesus Christ, you have being given access to the Kingdom of God. Now, it’s up to you to stay in the kingdom of God. If you refuse to listen to the words of God and Jesus and don’t follow His commandments you shall not be able to stay in the Kingdom of God. Instead you shall return to the kingdom of darkness; the world, because you have decided to listen to this kingdom and follow-up her words. Because of that, you shall bring mischief and a curse over you life, by becoming disobedient to God and His Word and by not doing what He tells you to do.

That’s why it’s so important that every believer and follower of Jesus Christ do what Jesus has commended to do and to live according to His will. Only then will Jesus Christ be our Lord and God will be our Father, and we shall be His people.

Who will listen to His voice?

But unfortunately, not many people want to listen to His voice and don’t incline their ears to the Word and listen to what the Word has to say, let alone to obey the Word. That’s because many stay carnal and keep walking after their flesh; in the imagination of their evil heart. They have hardened their necks, so that they don’t hear the words of the Lord.

The mischief people bring upon themselves

They have no peace in their lives and are not happy. That’s because, they refuse to hear the words of the Lord and instead live like the world under the authority and rulership of the devil.

acknowledge the Lord in all your waysThey don’t speak the truth, but they speak lies and vanity to each other. They speak with flattering lips and with a double heart. Yes, their tongues speak proud things. They rely upon their sayings and say with our tongues we will prevail and our lips are our own.

They consult the world for advice, instead of consulting God. They seek their salvation and solutions for their problems in the world, and go to worldly institutions and organisations. Instead of returning to the Word and do what the Word has commanded them to do.

When they shall cry out to the Lord for help, He shall not answer, but He shall leave them to their fate. Because, they have put their trust in people and in the knowledge and wisdom of this world, instead of God.

The wisdom and knowledge of this world cannot save people

But the wisdom and knowledge of this world will never be able to save people and help them in time of need. The world can’t give what they desire, nor provide salvation. No, the world will not be able to save humanity from destruction. On the contrary, the world will only cause misery and destruction in their lives. But what many don’t know is, that by consulting the world and by believing in what the world says and by putting their trust in the world(system) and her knowledge and wisdom, they insult God.

But those, who long for the Lord and listen to His pure words and put their trust in the Word; Jesus Christ and don’t lean upon their own understanding, shall be save in the hand of God.

‘Be the salt of the earth’

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