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  • occult church

    The occult church

    In the previous blogpost, you read about the new age spirit, who reigns in today’s world, and has affected and defiled many churches. But how has this happened? How could the…

  • new age in the church

    New age in the church?

    Today’s world is full of new age. It’s all about love, peace, harmony, freedom, respect, tolerance and there is an enormous curiosity and interest in the supernatural realm. Horoscopes, astrology, divination,…

  • Not my opinion but your opinion

    Not my opinion, but Your opinion

    As soon as you become a new creation in Jesus Christ and be transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God, the time of your opinion is over.…

  • expectation of people

    The expectation of people

    There is no human being on this earth, who has never been disappointed. Disappointments occur regularly. Some people can become so disappointed, that may cause incomprehension, agitation, angriness, grief, bitterness and sometimes…

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