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  • Is the Lord your Shepherd

    Is the Lord your Shepherd?

    Psalms 23 describes the relationship between the believer and Jesus and God. Although many believers know this Psalm by heart, for many believers the words of this Psalm remain only written…

  • strongholds in the mind

    The strongholds in the mind of people

    The strongholds of the devil have one purpose and that is to prevent the Kingdom of God to be established on this earth. There are many spiritual strongholds, but the biggest…

  • Will God be proud of you

    Will God be proud of you?

    One day we will all stand before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ (Ecc 12:14, Mat 3:11, Joh 5:22, Rom 2:15-16, Rom 14:10-12, 2Co 5:10). No one knows, when that day…

  • blame bearer

    Who wants to be a blame bearer?

    Some people always have the tendency to blame others. As soon as you ask or confront them about a certain matter, they point the finger elsewhere. They are not the cause,…

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