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  • The mischief people bring upon themselves

    The mischief people bring upon themselves

    Through the accomplished work of Jesus Christ, you have being given access to the Kingdom of God. Now, it’s up to you to stay in the kingdom of God. If you…

  • evil will come

    The evil that will come

    Evil will come and if the Bride; the Body of Jesus Christ doesn’t repent and remove all the sins out of her midst; out of the lives of the believers, God…

  • living together unmarried, cohabitation

    What does the Word say about living together unmarried?

    Living together unmarried or cohabitation has become a common thing in the western world. What has started in Scandinavia (Europe) by non-religious young people, has spread all over the western countries…

  • conviction of sin

    The conviction of sin in the three dispensations

    God doesn’t want anyone to perish. That’s why God has given everything to man to accomplish His will and save man from death. However, every person has been given a free…

  • What is sin?

    What is sin?

    Most people don’t like the word ‘sin’. As soon as they hear the word sin, they connect the word sin with the Old Covenant, legalism, ancient times, a strict religion and…

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