Word of wisdom – Hate stirs up strifes, but love covers all sins

Hate stirs up strifes: but love covers all sins (Proverbs 10:12)

The flesh and the Spirit are contrary to one another. The flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit lusts against the flesh. Therefore it is impossible, that the two will ever go together (Gal 5:17). The works of the flesh are contrary to the works of the Spirit. Hate, which is a work of the flesh, is the opposite of love, which is the fruit of the Spirit.

Hate stirs up strifes

A person, who walks after the flesh, will be led by his/her will, feelings and emotions. One moment, the person can be friendly and loving, and the next moment can hate the same person. Everything depends upon the circumstances, and the way the person is treated by others. As long as everything goes according to his/her will, and people treat the person, the way he/she wants to be treated, everything is fine. But as soon as something doesn’t go his/her way, then his/her feeling will change instantly.

One moment, the person can treat a friend with love and respect, but when this friend mistreats the person, or gives an undesired answer, speaks evil of the person, wrongly accuses the person, or does something else, that goes against the will of the person, than it won’t be long, before the person feels indignant, and gets angry, and will develop feelings of hate against the other person. The person will develop feelings of hate, because this friend has not treated the person, the way he/she wanted to be treated.

I’ve given the example of a friend, but this person can also be a (grand)parent, spouse, child or other family member, acquaintance, colleague etc.

When a person is led by feelings of hate, and of angriness, then it won’t take long before the relationship will be disrupted.

The person shall do, what the world tells him/her to do. Therefore the person shall take offence, take revenge, get even and never forget the wrongs done to him/her. The person shall speak evil things about the person to others, and damage the reputation of that person. The hate shall cause arguments, conflicts, discord and fights. Because hate always stirs up strife; discord, disharmony, enmity, friction, hostility, dispute etc.

Love covers all sins

But when a person walks after the Spirit, then the person shall walk in love. This love is not the love of this world. It is not led by feelings and emotions, and doesn’t depend upon circumstances and people. But this love, is the love of God, and is led by the Holy Spirit, and not led by the flesh.

whoso keeps his word, false loveThis love doesn’t contain compromising with the world. It doesn’t mean approving and accepting all things that goes against the will of God. But this love contains, that the person will love God above all and shall keep His commandments (1 Jo 5:3), and love others, which means to treat others the way (s)he wants to be treated.

When a (grand)parent, a spouse, a child, or another family member, friend, acquaintance, colleague etc. mistreats the person, gives an undesired answer, speaks evil of the person, or falsely accuses the person. then the person shall be led by the love of God, and shall forgive the person and forget the whole matter.

The person shall not make a fuzz about the wrongs done to him/her, but shall let it go. When a person walks in love, then it won’t matter, what other people do to this person. The person shall always be forgiving towards others, and shall not strife. The love shall cover all misbehaviour, rebellion and sins done to the person. The person shall not only love by speech, but shall love in deed and in truth (1 Jo 3:18)

Therefore, the deeds of a person shall show, whether the person is walking in hate or in love.

‘Be the salt of the earth’

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