How to get peace of mind?

Come unto Me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light (Mat 11:28-30)

Are you longing for peace of mind?

We live in a world where people are always busy. There is no peace, and therefore many people are agitated. They don’t experience peace and having a peace of mind. They work hard, take too much on their plate, and are driven by performance and success.

How to get peace of mindMost people are being overwhelmed, and swallowed up by their work, problems, fear, worry and anxiety. They don’t rule over their life and the assets of life anymore, but their life and the assets of life rule over them.

When people live a busy life, and are being ruled by their work, problems, fear, anxiety, worry, etc., they become stressed, overstrained, depressed, experience insomnia, etc.

A lot of people live under stress. Instead of having a peace of mind, their mind, and their life, is being occupied by work, anxiety, worry, problems; marital problems, family problems, financial problems etc.

Looking for peace at the wrong places

A lot of people look for something, that gives them some kind of peace of mind. But often people are looking at the wrong places. They are looking at worldly places, and worldly methods and philosophies, that promise them peace, and promise them to help them, to take away their problems, anxiety, fear, worry, etc.. Many people get involved in yoga, Reiki, acupuncture, mensendieck, physical therapy or visit a psychologist,.

danger of acupunctureThese doctrines of man and these worldly methods, promise them peace, but instead they often cause more problems, and people are getting more agitated.

Many places, that promises you peace, are often places, that are originated from the kingdom of darkness. They are originated, and build upon the wisdom of people; wisdom of the devil. Therefore  these places are the devil’s territory.

Their doctrines, and philosophies, do not come from God. Therefore they go against the knowledge and the Word of God.

When you go to these places and enter the territory of the devil, you won’t find rest. When you enter the territory of the devil, he will captivate you and will destroy you. Because his mission is to destroy people.

Enter the devil’s domain

When the devil gives you something, he demands something in return. He doesn’t give you anything for free. Nor does he give you, what he promises, because he is a liar and a thief. In return for that so called peace, rest, or solution for your problem(s), he takes control of your life. He does this unsolicited. He just takes it, and acts on the basis of your ignorance. The more ignorant you are, the more he takes.

Maybe you will not experience immediately, that the devil has taken control over your life, but in due time, you shall see, that something has changed.

Example of person, who’s experiencing stress

Let me give you an example of a person, who’s experiencing stress: let’s say, that this person is a believer, married, and has two children. This person has a master’s degree, and has a very good job with a good salary. But the work pressure is extremely high. This person works approximately 12-14 hours a day, and even when the person gets home, the work still continues in the mind of this person. The mind is filled and overwhelmed by (work) problems, worry etc. But that’s not all, this person’s family also requires a lot of care and attention.

After a view years, this person becomes so stressed, that the person becomes irritated, angry, and doesn’t have a lot of patience anymore. This person doesn’t know, what to do and how to go on anymore, and is looking for some peace of mind and balance in life.

Christian psychologyDuring lunch break, the person hears a colleague talking about a psychologist. The person gets intrigued, and interested by this story. Although this person never would have considered going to a psychologist, this person becomes curious and is driven by this curiosity. After a while, the person makes an appointment with a psychologist.

During the first session, the person starts telling the psychologist about the person’t busy lifestyle.

The psychologist first listens, but then begin to ask questions, not only about work, the family, but also about the past. After the first session, many more sessions follows.

But the main focus point of these sessions isn’t about creating a balance in life anymore, but about the past of this person. Things from the past are being digged up, and what the person always considered normal, isn’t normal according to the psychologist, and puts tags on it.

Soul taken captive by the powers of darkness

Many things from the past are being discussed, and the psychologist gives advise. After many sessions the person begin to feel more confused, insecure, and more miserable than before. In the beginning it looked good, but now this person has become a deep wreck (spiritually). The person has more problems and worries to deal with, than before. What happened in the spiritual world, is that the soul has been taken captive by the evil powers of darkness, that entered through the teachings of the devil; the wisdom of the world.

Yoga lessons to reduce stress

After a while, the psychologist advises the person to take yoga lessons, in order to reduce stress, and anxiety. The person follows up the advice and takes yoga lessons. But through ignorance, this person’s body will also be taken captive by the powers of darkness, by performing exercises, that worship heathen gods.

The danger of yogaAfter a year of many visits to the psychologist, and the yoga center, this person starts having certain physical pains, and goes to a doctor. The doctor diagnosis a disease, which doesn’t look very hopeful for the person. And so it happened, that this person, who was stressed and was only looking for some peace of mind; for some balance in life, had to pay for this ’so called peace’ with this person’s own life.

That’s the price, that the devil demands, when you are looking for his help. And did the person get peace of mind? No, because the devil is liar, and therefore you cannot trust him.

This is a somewhat dramatic story, but this is the way it goes. It is an example of a person, who was drawn into the kingdom of darkness, through his curiosity. Instead of looking for God’s help, the person looked for help in the world. The world is based upon worldly wisdom. But the wisdom of this world is enmity against God’s wisdom. Because the worldly wisdom originates from the devil, he is the source.

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy

Jesus says that the devil comes to steel, to kill, and to destroy (Jn 10:10). And that’s exactly what happens, when you enter the territory of the devil. Through ignorance and a spiritual lack of knowledge, you give him your life.

You come to find peace of mind, or to get answers or a solution for your problems, but in return he demands a sacrifice from you; your life.

In this example the person gave his/her soul (through psychologist), and his /her body (yoga) to the devil, in order to experience a peace of mind. But this person didn’t get the peace, the person was looking for. No, this person didn’t get peace, it was a lie. But instead the person sacrificed its own life to the devil.

This is the way of the world; the path of the world, which will lead to death..

Jesus gives real peace

Jesus promises real peace; a peace, a rest, that passes all understanding. A peace, a rest, that no man can give, then Jesus alone. Jesus says:

Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light (Mat 11:28-30)

When you are wearied, overstrained, stressed, tired, anxious, heavy laden, experience a burn out, pain in your soul, or being overwhelmed by problems, then there is only one way, one Person who can give you peace of mind, and this Person is: Jesus.

Jesus promises you rest, and He is the only One, who can give you rest; peace. He refreshes you, so that all your burdens will be taken away from you.

Take His yoke upon you

The only thing you have to do, is to take His yoke upon you. A yoke is a coupling between two elements.
Jesus His yoke unites you with Him, you are bound with Him. He has bought you with His blood, and you have given Him your life. Therefore your life is in meant to serve Him, and not the devil.

Jesus will give you peace of mindThe yoke means His commandments, which correspond with the will and commandments of God. His commandments are  writen upon your heart, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus says, that He is meek and lowly in heart. He does what He says He will do. Jesus never lies. If there is one Person in this whole wide world, that you can trust, it is Jesus.

When you do, what Jesus has commanded you to do, and when you keep His words, and His commandments, then you shall find peace.

Yes, the Word shall give peace of mind and it shall give rest for your soul. It is written that: you shall ‘find. Therefore you have to search for it.

You can search for it in the Bible, His Word. When you read and meditate on His Word, day and night, you shall find what you are searching for. When you fill your mind with the Word of God, instead with the things of the world, you shall experience peace of mind. Yes, you shall experience rest.

What does God say about peace of mind?

God says the following about peace of mind; the rest of your soul: Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls (Jer 6:16)

The people of God had turned away from Him. They didn’t obey and keep His commandments. Hmmm, this sounds very familiar, because this also happens in our age. You see, that the behaviour of the old man is still the same, and has never changed throughout the ages.

the devil as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devourAs long as people stay carnal and keep living after the flesh, they shall always live in rebellion against God, and His Word. When believers stay carnal and keep walking after the flesh, than eventually they shall abandon God’s path of life.

God advises His people to turn back to the old paths, to His Word, and to His commandments. God always gives a second chance. Because He is a loving God.

When you turn back to Gods Word; Jesus, then you shall walk on the good path of life, which will lead to eternal life. When you walk on this path, you shall have peace, and rest for your soul

When you are a Christian and you are torn up inside, and doen’t experience rest in his/her mind (soul), then it’s not time to visit a psychologist, but then it’s time to go to Jesus; to go to the Word.

You shall find, what you are looking for

If you’re looking and searching for Him, then you shall find Him. The only way to find Him, is in His Word.
Therefore take His Word, meditate upon the Word day and night, and you shall have rest. You shall have peace of mind, and you shall get, what you were looking.

A peace, a rest, that passes all understanding. A rest, a peace that the world (psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, therapists, yoga, relaxation therapies, hypnotherapy etc) cannot give you. Only Jesus Christ can give this to you.

‘Be the salt of the earth’ 

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