The evil that will come

Evil will come and if the Bride; the Body of Jesus Christ doesn’t repent and remove all the sins out of her midst; out of the lives of the believers, God shall not be able to protect her. The blood of Jesus Christ doesn’t give permission to habitually keep living in sin. Jesus Christ doesn’t give permission to His followers to live like the world in sin. But the blood of Jesus Christ has redeemed the old man with his sin nature, and has washed away all the sins of the past. They no longer exist because the old man doesn’t exist. Through regeneration in the spirit, the old man has become a new creation. His blood has given you access to the Kingdom of God and has reconciled you with the Father.

Unfortunately, many believers are being misled by the many lies of false preachers and prophets, who have slowly entered the church. Through ignorance of the leaders of the Church, these false teachers were able to establish themselves and reach a big audience. Through books they’ve reached many believers and have led them astray with their words, that deviate from the Word of God.

Listen to the Word

God wants His children to listen to Him and the Word and not to people, who represent the world and preach the wisdom of this world. God wants His children to obey Him and His Word instead op people; the world. God wants His children to honour and exalt Him instead of people; the world.

Jesus wants His followers and His brothers and sisters, to fear God the Father instead of people.

The Lord is full of loving-kindness, and therefore He warns the people. He wants His people to repent and sanctify themselves. He wants them to rise up in prayer and do what He has commanded them to do. Because otherwise many will have a sad prospect.

‘Be the salt of the earth’ 

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