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  • confession of power

    Confession of power

    There are so many people, who live in the bondage of fear. Many are captivated and governed by a spirit of fear, who control their lives. We are in a spiritual…

  • Who is God

    Who is God?

    Who is God? Everyday, we should acknowledge Him, for Who He is. Who is God? My God is strong, mighty and powerful You are the ‘I am that I am’, You…

  • Multitude of thoughts

    Storm in your mind by the multitude of thoughts

    Are you being overwhelmed and ruled by a multitude of thoughts in your mind? Don’t you experience peace, because many (negative) thoughts are constantly running through you head? Do your thoughts condemn you?…

  • give thanks to the Lord

    I will give thanks to the Lord, for….

    I will give thanks for it is Your will I will give thanks to You Lord forever, for You are good and your mercy endures forever. I will be giving thanks…

  • daily confession

    Daily confession

    A daily confession A merry heart makes my countenance cheerful, but by sorrow of the heart my spirit will be broken A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a…

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