What does the Word say about tattoos and Christian tattoos?

Have ye not known that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit in you, which ye have from God? and ye are not your own (1 Co 6:19)

While I was reading this scripture, the image of tattoos entered my mind. You might think: “What has tattoos have to do with this scripture? This scripture is about fornication, and not about tattoos”. You are absolutely right! That was exactly what I thought. While I was thinking about it, a picture entered my mind of beautiful buildings, that were covered in graffiti.

“That’s art”, says the vandal alias ‘the artist’, who paints walls with drawings and/or texts. They paint someone else’s property, but they don’t have the legal right to do that. The vandal may like the graffiti, but the owner (person(s), company’s, government) doesn’t. The owner doesn’t appreciate it and must often pay lots of money to restore ’the damage’.

What are tattoos?

Tattoos are marks on the body with a specific design, made by insertion of pigment into punctures in the dermis layer of skin.The word tattoo derives from the Haitian word ‘tatu’ and means to mark.

More and more people decorate their bodies with tattoos, and therefore tattoos has becoming a trend and is gaining popularity.

Christians used to disapprove tattoos, but nowadays even Christians are decorating their body with so called Christian tattoos; cross tattoos, dove tattoos, an image of Jesus, scriptures, religious words (hope, faith, freedom, believe, life etc). There is no distinction anymore, between a Christian; God’s people, and a gentile; someone who lives without Jesus Christ and belongs to the world.

Love for the world

Why is it, that so many Christians are getting tattoos, and participate in the trends of this world? The answer is very simple, because the ruler of this world; the devil, is still active in their lives. Therefore they are subjected to the spirits of this world. They’re carnal and are ruled by their senses, feelings and emotions.

love not the worldMost Christians want to do their own will and want to fulfil the lusts and desires of their flesh, and therefore these spirits of the world have free access in their lives. They love the world and the things that are in the world. They don’t separate themselves from the world, but they adapt the behaviour and customs of the world. Therefore there is no difference between the life of a Christian and the world.

Although many Christians don’t have tattoo skulls, drakes, snakes etc. on their bodies, but ‘Christian tattoos’ like: a cross, dove, religious words (faith, hope, freedom, joy, life), scriptures etc., that doesn’t change anything about the act of having an image engraved in your body. It doesn’t make it sacred, holy, and acceptable for God.

The truth is that many Christians succumb to the trends of this world. Because they want to live like the world. Therefore they Christianise the things of this world to make it acceptable for them. By putting the word ‘Christian’ in front of a tattoo, they think, that by doing this, it will make it acceptable and approved.

Christianising the things of this world

But by putting the word ‘Christian’ in front of something and by Christianising the things of this world, doesn’t change anything about the act. When you Christianise the things of this world, you will not make them holy, acceptable and approved by God. It doesn’t matter what people decide, it’s about what God decides and what He says in His Word.

You can put the word ‘Christian’ in front of every worldly activity and thing, but it’s all about: What does God say in His Word; What does the Word say?

What does the Word; the Bible say about tattoos?

What does Jesus; the Word; the Bible say about tattoos? The Word is very clear about it, because God says:

You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord (Lev 19:28)

The children of Israel went to Egypt. They were fruitful and increased abundantly. The children of Israel multiplied and waxed exceeding mighty. The land was filled with them. They lived for 430 years, three generations after Joseph, in the land of Egypt, of which the last years they lived in slavery.

They lived in a land, that was full of witchcraft, magic, astrology, and idolatry, because the land of Egypt served many gods. The Israelites were influenced by this culture, because they lived for many generations in the land of Egypt. Maybe they had adapted some cultural habits and customs, without knowing they committed idolatry or witchcraft. This is just an assumption, but I can imagine, that if you live in a country, for so many years, for many generations, you will automatically adapt the customs habits and behaviour, and culture.

God separated His people

When God heard the cry of His people, He answered them, and redeemed them from their slavery. God made Himself known to them, and to the people of Egypt, as the One and Only True Almighty God. God separated His people. He set them apart, and brought them out of the land of Egypt.

His people had to be cleansed, sanctified, and renewed in their mind, and that was exactly what God did during their time in the wilderness. They were not ready to enter the promised land, they had to lay down their old life first. This happened symbolically when they passed through the water, but after that, they had to bring it into practice. They had to lay down all of their habits, customs, Egyptian culture, and renew their minds with the words that God spoke to them, via Moses.

God’s people had to be sanctified and be prepared for the promised land

His people had to be sanctified and be prepared for the promised land. The Lord God made His will known to them, because He wanted His people to get to know Him. God revealed His will and told them what pleased Him, and what didn’t please Him. He showed them, what would happen if they walked in obedience to His words in His will, and what the consequences would be if they decided to walk in disobedience disobedience to His words, outside of His will.

Blessing or curse

They had to keep His Word, because this was the only way to stay in His will, and to walk on the path of life. If they would leave His will, and become disobedient to Him, then all the plagues of Egypt would come upon them. If they would leave His will, then they wouldn’t be protected, and they would die.

When you love Jesus you shall keep His commandmentsGod didn’t want any of them to perish. He wanted everyone to be saved, and enter the promised land. That’s why He made His will known to them, and gave them instructions and commandments for their lives.

God wanted them to love Him and to renew their minds with His words and to change their old way of thinking, so that they would be prepared for the promised land.

When they would have the mind of God, and stay loyal to Him, than they would restrain themselves from the pagan people; gentiles, who lived in the promised land.

They wouldn’t adapt their behaviour, their culture; idolatry, fornication etc. That’s why God gave them all these commandments and instructions; to keep them on the path of life.

The reason why God forbade His people to make any tattoo marks on themselves

God forbade His people to make any cuts on their body (flesh) for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on themselves, because He is the Lord. The Egyptians and the pagan people, practiced these things. Both rituals are mentioned in one sentence, in which the death is also mentioned.

But the Lord God forbade His people, to make any cuts and any tattoo on their body, and connect (bind) their bodies with a dead person, and therefore be connected with the death.

Do you love God with all your heart?As soon as you get a tattoo and print any mark in your body, it doesn’t matter if it is a skull, a dragon, a serpent, a cross, a dove, tribal, scriptures, ‘religious’ words etc, as soon as you print any mark in your flesh, you bind yourself to the death.

It may not be your intention, and you can have many others reasons to get a tattoo. But the truth is, that when you get a tattoo then in the spiritual world, you connect yourself;  your flesh with the death. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, it’s a fact.

But because of the fact that most Christians are carnal and live after the flesh, and not after the Spirit, they are not able to see this and discern the spiritual worlds. God gave His commandments, to make His will known to His people and to reveal the spiritual world to the carnal man; the old creation.

Popular tattoos represent death and hell

It is not surprising, that the most popular tattoo themes present the death, darkness and hell. Just go to a tattoo shop, and you shall see images of the devil, the death, and hell, like skulls, skeletons, serpents, dragons, flames, crosses, demons etc.. And that’s not all in some shops you will even see blasphemies against God. A tattoo is rebellion against God.

The Lord God had separated His people, and didn’t want them to be involved with idolatry, and fornication. He made this very clear through His words. He couldn’t be clearer than His Word.

What was true for His people then is still true for His people Today. When you become a new creation, and the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of God, lives inside of you, then you have been set apart from the world. You live in the world, but you are not of this world anymore. Therefore you shouldn’t live like the world lives.

The will of God; His law, is written upon your heart, and by renewing your mind, with the Word of God, you shall get to know Him. You shall get to know and understand His will. When you walk after the Spirit, and not after the flesh, you shall understand the secret of the law, and why God has given the law to His people.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t need any help of the body

“But I would like to witness and testify of Jesus, and show everyone what He means to me, and I do that by means of a tattoo”

Does the Holy Spirit needs Christian tattoos on someone’s body, to remind Him of who He is? Does the Holy Spirit needs Christian tattoos on a body to testify of Jesus Christ? Are we so insecure or are we driven so far off, that we continuously need a reminder of our position in Jesus Christ, and to be a witness in this world, by getting our bodies marked with Christian tattoos? The Holy Spirit witnesses, through us, and that is more than enough. Only the Holy Spirit will bring people to repentance.

A born again Christian lives after the Spirit and not after the flesh.

Your body belongs to God

You have been bought, with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Your body has become His possession. You have become a temple of the Holy SpiritHow can you, when you belong to God, and when you are His possession, tattoo your body, and connect (bind) yourself with the death? How can you do something, that God forbade? You sacrifice your body to the death and practice idolatry and fornication, and that’s against the will of God.

The vandal considers himself or herself, an artist, but the owner of the building considers him or her a vandal, a destroyer of someone else’s property. And that’s the same with tattoos.

You may like it, but what matters is: what does God think of it? What does Jesus think of it? What does the Word say about it?

You won’t exalt Jesus by tattooing a scripture, holy words, or an image, but you exalt Him by living after His will, and by keeping His commandments. He has given you a commission, and you will only be able to fulfil it, when you lay down your own carnal live, and live after His will. He has appointed you to bring sinners to repentance; to preach the good news of Jesus Christ, the cross, and His blood, to cast out demons, and to heal the sick.


You are not called to copy the world, and to be an imitator of the world, and live the same live as a sinner.
The truth is that many carnal Christians, live after the flesh, and are therefore they are subjected to the spirits of this world. They are led by them, instead of ruling over them.

The devil wants only one thing, and that is to keep the Christian ignorant, and asleep. So that, he still has control over their lives and keep them in bondage. Therefore it’s time to wake-up!

The only mark that a born again Christian might get, are the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ, which come from the persecution of the world.

From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus (Gal 6:17)

‘Be the salt of the earth’

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