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  • Emancipated Bride of Christ

    The emancipated Bride of Christ

    Every covenant of God is being attacked by the devil. His attacks are spiritual, but the result of his attacks will become visible in the natural realm. That’s why you know,…

  • evil will come

    The evil that will come

    Evil will come and if the Bride; the Body of Jesus Christ doesn’t repent and remove all the sins out of her midst; out of the lives of the believers, God…

  • Toward whom does the church bend her roots?

    Toward whom does the church bend her roots?

    The church of Jesus Christ is placed upon the fertile soil of the Kingdom of God. This fertile soil has enough water and nutrition to ensure that the church bears good…

  • binding and loosing

    What did Jesus mean by binding and loosing?

    Jesus builds His church on the testimony, that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. As long as His church stays in Him, the gates of hell shall…

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