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  • living together unmarried, cohabitation

    What does the Word say about living together unmarried?

    Living together unmarried or cohabitation has become a common thing in the western world. What has started in Scandinavia (Europe) by non-religious young people, has spread all over the western countries…

  • The danger of children's books

    The danger of children’s books

    Have you ever wondered, if children’s books have indeed such a positive influence on the development and life of a child, as claimed? Many people consider children’s books as ‘innocent’ and educational,…

  • What does the word say, masturbation a sin

    Is masturbation a sin or not?

    Believers often have many question about things in life, that are considered normal according to the world, but are questionable to them. As I wrote before, as soon as something becomes…

  • Does christian psychology exist

    Does Christian Psychology exist?

    Who doesn’t visit a psychologist? In these days it’s very normal to visit a psychologist, who studied psychology. Many people live with mental pain, unforgiveness, anger, anxiety, fear, sorrow or having marital problems,…

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