Who wants to be a blame bearer?

Some people always have the tendency to blame others. As soon as you ask or confront them about a certain matter, they point the finger elsewhere. They are not the cause, but someone else is. The old man; the old creations, always want to blame others instead of being a blame bearer and taking responsibility for their behaviour, actions, mistakes, problems or situation. They point the finger elsewhere, like the past, the way they were raised, the situation, their spouse, child(ren), friends, family, acquaintances, employer, colleagues, the devil etc. They hold others accountable for their actions, behaviour and mistakes and blame them for the mess they are in. They never look at themselves and hold themselves accountable for their actions, but always put the blame on someone else.

But who is willing and bold enough to look at themselves instead of pointing the finger elsewhere? Ofcourse, there are situations in which the past and the way someone has been raised, has played a role in the development of the character and behaviour of the person, but that doesn’t give the person the right and a free card to stay that way, and keep blaming the past and others for their situation, actions and mistakes they make. Especially, if you are a believer, who claims to be born again.

Because if you are born again, you have become a new creation. Which means, that all things from your former life have passed away. They don’t exist anymore, because you have crucified your flesh; your old carnal life. You have been given a new life; a life in the Spirit. Therefore a change and a transformation of your life will take place. When this doesn’t happen, you should ask yourself, if you really have been born again and if you have become a new creation.

If you are born again, but still have the tendency to blame others and the past, for your behaviour, actions and the mistakes you make, then this indicates that you are not redeemed from the old carnal man and your past and that you don’t walk as the new creation. As long as someone else can ‘push your buttons’ in any way or whatsoever, it means that the old man is still present. Therefore, it’s time to put off the old man and to put on the new man.

Pointing the finger elsewhere

In the garden of Eden, after man had fallen from his position, man didn’t take responsibility for their actions, but put the blame on someone else. Instead of confessing their fault and taking responsibility for their actions and be a blame bearer, they blamed others. Adam even blamed God indirectly, by saying that the woman, whom God had given him, made him sin. They didn’t consider themselves as the ones, who became disobedient to God’s words, but they consider themselves as victims.

Let thine heart retain my words keep my commandments, proverbs 4:4They were indeed tempted by the misleading words of the serpent, but they made a decision to listen, believe and act upon his words. Adam and Eve both failed in the responsibility that God had given to them. They both became disobedient to the words of God, by believing and acting upon the lies of the devil. Eve was tempted by the words of the serpent, and Adam was tempted by the words of Eve. By their actions, they had put the creation above the Creator. God was very clear, but man became rebellious.

Saul also became disobedient to the words of God. He couldn’t wait and decided to go his own way instead of God’s way. When Samuel confronted him with his behaviour and actions, Saul held the people responsible and blamed them for his actions. Saul didn’t hold himself accountable for his actions. No, the people were responsible for his actions.

There are many more examples in the Bible about carnal people, who didn’t want to be a blame bearer and took responsibility for their actions, but instead blamed others. They pointed the finger to others and blamed them for their actions, in order to get rid of the blame, and the bad feeling of guilt.

Who wants to take the blame?

Why are people always looking for excuses and point the finger elsewhere in order to get rid of the blame and the feeling of guilt? Why do they blame others or situations instead of taking responsibility and owning up for their actions and the mistakes they’ve made?

How often do believers cry out to God and ask Him ‘why God, oh why‘, as soon as something bad happens to them or doesn’t go their way. They sometimes even blame God for it. The old carnal man never takes responsibility and never holds himself accountable, but always blames others.

The new man takes responsibility for his actions

The new man, who is made after the image of God, doesn’t point the finger elsewhere and doesn’t blame others for his actions or mistakes. Instead, the new man will take responsibility for his actions and be a blame bearer. Even when the new man is being accused of something he didn’t do, he will not feel the need to prove his innocence. That’s because, he knows, that God knows everything. He knows every thought and heart of man and He will repay everyone according to their works. The new man knows his Father and trusts Him, just like Jesus.

The greatest blame Bearer of all times

The greatest blame Bearer of all times is Jesus Christ. In the whole human history, there hasn’t been anyone like Jesus. Jesus was innocent, but He carried the death penalty, for the sins of humanity. Jesus didn’t do anything, He only did good. But He had to pay for Adam’s mistake, when Adam put the creation above the Creator and sinned. But Jesus didn’t blame Adam, nor the devil. Jesus kept silent and humbled Himself.

Jesus came to the earth in obedience to His Father, and suffered and died, in order to redeem people from the oppression of the devil, and the sinful nature.

by one man's disobedience many were made sinners

He knew, that He was innocent, and He knew that His Father knew that too. That was the only thing that mattered to Him. It didn’t matter to Him, what people thought or said about Him.

When Jesus was being falsely accused, He had the ability to open His mouth and to prove His innocence. But Jesus didn’t have to prove His innocent to the people and didn’t look for their help. But He trusted His Father and stayed obedient to Him and His plan.

It’s the same thing with believers, who have become a new creation and follow Jesus. When you are a new creation and you want to follow Jesus, then you will take responsibility for your actions. Besides that, you will know that you will be persecuted by the world, just like Jesus. Because the world-system (the kingdom of darkness) and the Word (the Kingdom of God) are diametrically opposed. There will be moments, when you will be falsely accused and will be held accountable for something you didn’t say or do. When that happens, you will be like Jesus and not point the finger elsewhere, but you shall take responsibility and be a blame bearer.

‘Be the salt of the earth’

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